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A society is a group of people concerned in persistent social interaction, or a big social group sharing the identical geographical or social territory, typically topic to the identical political authority and dominant cultural expectations. In late Middle English the sense was ‘cultivation of the soil’ and from this (early 16th century), arose ‘cultivation (of the thoughts, colleges, or manners’); tradition (sense 1 of the noun) dates from the early 19th century. eight. the social life of wealthy, outstanding, or trendy persons.

1. an organized group of individuals related collectively for religious, benevolent, cultural, scientific, political, patriotic, or other purposes. A corporation of ladies with a standard interest, as for social, charitable, business, or political functions. Community definition is – a unified body of individuals: similar to. Methods to use group in a sentence.society meaning

As societies modernize, they appeal to individuals from nations where there could also be financial hardship, political unrest, or religious persecution. Word Origin Center English: from Previous French aliance, from alier ‘to ally’ (see ally1). They thought-about civil society as a community that maintained civil life, the realm the place civic virtues and rights had been derived from pure laws.society meaning

Word Origin Center English: from Previous French humanite, from Latin humanitas, from humanus (see human). The social life of wealthy, outstanding, or trendy persons. The time period “society” is presently used to cowl both various political and scientific connotations as well as a variety of associations.society meaning

Society (countable and uncountable, plural societies) (countable) A protracted-standing group of people sharing cultural features such as language, costume, norms of behavior and inventive varieties. A society that’s unable to supply an effective response to other societies it competes with will normally be subsumed into the tradition of the competing society.