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An organized group of individuals related collectively for spiritual, benevolent, cultural, scientific, political, patriotic, or different functions. Word Origin mid 16th century (in the sense ‘uniting in a typical purpose’): from medieval Latin associatio(n-), from Latin associare ‘to unite, ally’ (see associate). Word Origin mid sixteenth century: from medieval Latin sororitas, or from Latin soror ‘sister’ (on the pattern of fraternity).society meaning

A society is a group of people concerned in persistent social interaction, or a large social group sharing the identical geographical or social territory, typically topic to the identical political authority and dominant cultural expectations. Word Origin late Center English: from Old French, or from ecclesiastical Latin unio(n-) ‘unity’, from Latin unus ‘one’.society meaning

A group of males (or, generally, men and women) associated for some goal or in a profession; esp., a spiritual society, often of laymen, with a devotional or charitable objective. ▪ the process by which a society or place reaches a sophisticated stage of social and cultural improvement and organization.society meaning

A society is the people who stay in a rustic or area, their organizations, and their way of life. Word Origin Center English (in company (sense 2 of the noun, sense 3 of the noun)): from Outdated French compainie; associated to compaignon (see companion1). Humanity(noun) the quality of being humane; the kind emotions, inclinations, and sympathies of man; particularly, a disposition to relieve persons or animals in distress, and to deal with all creatures with kindness and tenderness.

1mass noun The combination of individuals living collectively in a kind of ordered community. 2 a : a body of persons or people having a high quality or attribute in widespread. Definition of Culture (noun) The ideas and self-ideas of a group or society (e.g., artifacts, attitudes, beliefs, customs, norms, symbols, and values).

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