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Man vs. Society Battle Outlined. A lay society for religious and charitable purposes. Phrase Origin early 18th century: from French, earlier denoting an affiliation of tenants, primarily based on Center Low German kote ‘cote’. Fellowship synonyms, fellowship pronunciation, fellowship translation, English dictionary definition of fellowship.

7. the social life and intercourse of such individuals: to enter society as a debutante. Phrase Origin mid sixteenth century (in the sense ‘companionship, pleasant association with others’): from French société, from Latin societas, from socius ‘companion’. Honor society definition, (in a school, university, or secondary faculty) a scholar society that admits members on the premise of educational benefit and, generally, worthwhile contributions in extracurricular actions.society definition

Civil society is defined by the lexicographers at Oxford Dictionaries as Society thought-about as a group of citizens linked by frequent pursuits and collective exercise. A group of people that meet from time to time to have interaction in a typical curiosity; an affiliation or organization.

Phrase Origin early nineteenth century: from Latin norma ‘precept, rule, carpenter’s square’. Sisterhood – a non secular society of women who dwell collectively as sisters (particularly an order of nuns) spiritual order, religious sect, sect – a subdivision of a larger spiritual group.society definition

Folks of many nations united by frequent political and cultural traditions, beliefs, or values are sometimes additionally mentioned to kind a society (such as Judeo-Christian, Eastern, and Western). The noun society refers to individuals residing in social order.society definition