Outline Comradeship

Society definition is – companionship or affiliation with one’s fellows : pleasant or intimate intercourse : firm. Mid sixteenth century (within the sense ‘companionship, friendly affiliation with others’): from French société, from Latin societas, from socius ‘companion’. 5. an organized group of people related for some specific goal or on account of some common interest: a learned society.society meaning

Civilization is outlined by the lexicographers at Oxford Dictionaries as The stage of human social and cultural growth and organization that is considered most superior. Word Origin Middle Englishloge, through Old French loge ‘arbor, hut’ from medieval Latin laubia, lobia (see foyer), of Germanic origin; related to German Laube ‘arbor’.

A standard definition of community emerged as a gaggle of people with various characteristics who are linked by social ties, share frequent views, and have interaction in joint action in geographical places or settings. The phenomena of community action, shunning, scapegoating, generosity, shared danger, and reward are frequent to many types of society.society meaning

The noun society refers to individuals dwelling in social order. Culture is the traits and data of a selected group of people, encompassing language, faith, cuisine, social habits, music and humanities. Fraternity definition is – a gaggle of individuals related or formally organized for a standard objective, curiosity, or pleasure: equivalent to. The best way to use fraternity in a sentence.

There are two widespread ways by which the relationship between psychology and culture is studied, through intra-cultural psychology or behavioral patterns inside a particular society and intercultural psychology or conduct and psychological characteristics between societies.society meaning