Outline Affiliation

A: Pluralistic societies are those that comprise a diverse group of religious cultures and traditions. A common definition of community emerged as a group of individuals with numerous characteristics who’re linked by social ties, share widespread perspectives, and have interaction in joint motion in geographical places or settings. A fraternity (from Latin frater: “brother”; whence, “brotherhood”) or fraternal group is an organization, society, club or fraternal order traditionally of males associated collectively for various religious or secular goals.

Word Origin Middle Englishloge, by way of Old French loge ‘arbor, hut’ from medieval Latin laubia, lobia (see foyer), of Germanic origin; associated to German Laube ‘arbor’. Phrase Origin mid nineteenth century: from French, from camarade ‘comrade’. Norm (social norm) (noun) The principles or expectations that determine and regulate applicable behavior within a tradition, group, or society.society definition

Word Origin Previous English, from Outdated French cercle, from Latin circulus ‘small ring’, diminutive of circus ‘ring’. Society.” In Open Education Sociology Dictionary. Cole sees Society as the advanced of organized associations and institutions with a neighborhood.society definition

B. A gaggle of people broadly distinguished from different groups by mutual pursuits, participation in attribute relationships, shared institutions, and a typical tradition: rural society; literary society. Fraternity definition, an area or nationwide organization of male college students, primarily for social functions, usually with secret initiation and rites and a reputation composed of two or three Greek letters.society definition

Membership noun C (GROUP) › an organization of individuals with a standard purpose or curiosity who meet recurrently and share actions: My e-book club meets the first Tuesday of every month to discuss a new book we have all read. Coterie definition is – an intimate and infrequently unique group of persons with a unifying frequent interest or function.