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Discussions and studying about other cultures positively helps build cultural awareness, but opinions offered must be rigorously measured. Sometimes they may characterize unwarranted stereotypes, an assessment of solely a subgroup of a particular group of people, or a state of affairs that has since undergone drastic adjustments. It is all the time a good suggestion to get varied viewpoints about the same tradition.

—a number of chapters in Candles are related, as they advocate a brand new spirit for a plural world. One can even try to define such a notion as a “passable meaning for life” and a “noble purpose for society,” and determine their sensible linkages in addition to the paths and institutions that would promote the renaissance the Circle has been exploring. Perhaps also, reflection on meaning and purpose will assist the Circle discover a common ground between pragmatism and idealism, if not in philosophical, a minimum of in political phrases.

We should nurture civil discourse and work with intentionality to convey collectively individuals with completely different perspectives. Ultimately, however, it isn’t the programs that every of our organizations presents that create lasting change, but it’s the relationships of belief and respect that do. Social order is a needed feature of any society and it is deeply necessary for constructing a sense of belonging and reference to others. At the same time, social order can be responsible for producing and maintaining oppression. According to Durkheim, it’s via our interactions with these establishments and with the people round us that we take part within the maintenance of rules and norms and behavior that enable the graceful functioning of society.

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Furthermore, among the things we need to live properly is to reside in affiliation with others. This is where the obligations of the state—what we have a proper to anticipate—comes into play. Bad societies fail to help or actively hinder people’s talents to stay properly; good societies do the reverse.

We examined the concepts of meaning and purpose in themselves and of their relevance to public policy. For discussion on “meaning,” a useful point of departure was discovered in the chapter written by Peter Marris in Candles in the Dark, which is entitled “What may be mistaken with growth? ” As to “purpose” of society, perhaps higher formulated in the interrogative kind—ought to society have a function?