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Yang Announces $1m Coronavirus Relief For Service Workers, Low

Bernie Sanders is shifting his focus from building political support to supporting efforts to answer the coronavirus unfold. The campaignenvisioneda “Freedom Dividend” of $1,000 paid month-to-month to working-age Americans and funded by a gross sales tax.

Dorsey recently joined Yang on his podcast, during which he announced that he could be giving Humanity Forward $5 million to distribute in grants of $250 to those in want. The funding will support almost 20,000 people who are out of work because of the virus. Yang mentioned the funding will help build the case for common basic earnings. During his presidential bid, Yang ran on a platform of a common primary income to all citizens of $1,000.

Andrew Yang Wants To Give $One Thousand Grants To A Hundred,000 Families Through Project One Hundred Campaign

Collective PAC and Humanity Forward are nonetheless amassing funds to help the COVID Response Team. Hopefully, continued funds and measured group impression will carry their mission past the Bronx to New York’s different boroughs and across the country.

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