Historical Society

History is a record of previous events, and to deserve the title of history the events recorded should be genuine, for “cunningly devised fables” aren’t historical past. Battle-fed growth of the formally-renamed “Republic Airport” resulted in the expansion of the company’s current manufacturing unit on the south facet of Conklin Avenue, as well as the construction of three further buildings, the set up of a management tower, and the lengthening of its current runways, all in an effort to assist P-forty seven manufacturing, which totaled 9,087 models in Farmingdale alone and required a work pressure of 24,000 to perform by 1944.historical society

The Solana Beach Historic Society held a Bar-B-Q & Ice Cream within the Park” occasion for all ages Sept. To appreciate the historical past of the area, visitors are encouraged to stop by the Larger Cape Could Historic Society, which is located at the Colonial House Museum on Washington Street, proper behind City Hall.

The American Historic Affiliation acknowledges that this yr we meet on the territory of the Lenape peoples. Towns County Historic Society does something different from regular programs each year in July by having a special program dedicated to our native veterans.historical society

Farmingdale’s aviation roots have been equally cultivated by Sydney Breese, whose Breese Aircraft Company, located on Japanese Parkway, designed the Penguin. Initially occupying Hangar 2 on New Highway and immediately used by the American Airpower Museum, Seversky Plane Corporation took over the Grumman manufacturing unit in 1937 when it had relocated to Bethpage, thus sustaining two facilities.

Seversky Plane Company next took center stage in Farmingdale when it relocated there from School Point in Queens, occupying the previous American Corporation factory. For more than 180 years, the Virginia Historical Society (VHS) has been connecting folks to America’s pastthrough the unparalleled story of Virginia.historical society