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O’Connor was elected to the Maricopa County Superior Court in 1975 and appointed to the Arizona Court of Appeals in 1979. President Ronald Reagan nominated O’Connor to the Supreme Court of the United States on July 7, 1981. The Senate confirmed the appointment on September 22, 1981, making O’Connor the first female Associate Justice within the history of the Court.

It is the remnant of the 1942 addition to the unique 1913 Williams Academy construction. Williams Academy was the primary authorities-funded school for African-American students in Fort Myers. S. Williams, the Superintendent of colored colleges in Fort Myers.

The LCBHS, Inc. is comprised of an eleven-member Board of Directors which meets on the second Tuesday of each month, the assembly is open to the public. Early Career Historians Find out extra about our new membership class from the RHS to help early career historians. ADVOCATES finest apply in historical past educating in universities and colleges.

While many of the gamers aren’t recognized, one staff photo had 14 names listed on the back, including some that pop up on baseball-reference.com’s registry such as Edward Fialko, Bill Simcich and Hank Ertman. The Blues have been a minor league affiliate of the Chicago White Sox at the moment.

Justice O’Connor served on the Supreme Court for twenty-four years and retired on January 31, 2006. Please Right click on right here and Save As to download the audio file .