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Such a policy is simply thinkable from the mindset of separation, which doesn’t perceive that viruses are integral to the web of life. Against the backdrop of this system of control, death denial, and the separate self, the assumption that public policy ought to search to reduce the variety of deaths is sort of past question, a goal to which other values like play, freedom, etc. are subordinate. Let us maintain every particular person, younger or old, sick or well, as the sacred, treasured, beloved being that they are.

Should we blame the virus then , or shall we blame underlying poor health? Millions of individuals in the fashionable world are in a precarious state of well being, just waiting for one thing that might normally be trivial to ship them over the edge.

The 5 Human Values

Of these analyzed, less than 1% have been free of significant chronic health situations. Some seventy five% suffered from hypertension, 35% from diabetes, 33% from cardiac ischemia, 24% from atrial fibrillation, 18% from low renal perform, along with different circumstances that I couldn’t decipher from the Italian report. Nearly half the deceased had three or extra of these severe pathologies. Americans, beset by obesity, diabetes, and other persistent ailments, are a minimum of as vulnerable as Italians.