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The basic course ideas are persons, society, culture, surroundings and time. No matter what tradition a people are part of, one thing is for sure, it will change. “But tradition is no longer mounted, if it ever was. It is actually fluid and continually in movement.” This makes it so that it is troublesome to outline any culture in only one way.

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Among the Pokot of East Africa, for example, women are anticipated to get pleasure from intercourse, whereas among the Gusii a couple of hundred miles away, women who take pleasure in sex are considered deviant. In Inis Beag, a small island off the coast of Ireland, intercourse is considered embarrassing and even disgusting; men feel that intercourse drains their power, while girls think about it a burden. Even nudity is taken into account horrible, and folks on Inis Beag keep their garments on while they bathe. The state of affairs is kind of totally different in Mangaia, a small island in the South Pacific. Here intercourse is taken into account very pleasant, and it is the main subject of songs and stories.

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A society is the name we give to the organization of such a group. The focus of this depth research is exhibiting how folks in different social, cultural and environmental settings can better understand each other and their world. Society and Culture integrates subject matter, concepts and methodologies. Concepts provide tools for organising and understanding material. They present a typical core of ideas that spiral through the course.