Democratic Society Meaning

Society definition is – companionship or association with one’s fellows : pleasant or intimate intercourse : firm. Human definition is – of, referring to, or characteristic of humans. Word Origin mid nineteenth century: from French, from camarade ‘comrade’. Establishment definition: 1. a large and important organization, such as a university or bank: 2. a constructing the place individuals….

Word Origin late 18th century: from French, from medieval Latin affiliatio(n-), from the verb affiliare (see affiliate). Top synonym for society (one other phrase for society) is group. League definition, a covenant or compact made between persons, events, states, etc., for the promotion or maintenance of frequent pursuits or for mutual assistance or service.society meaning

Word Origin Middle English: probably from out of date brotherred (based on Old English -rǣden ‘situation, state’; examine with kindred). B. A bunch of people broadly distinguished from different teams by mutual interests, participation in attribute relationships, shared establishments, and a common tradition: rural society; literary society.

A. The totality of people considered forming a group of interdependent people: working for the good thing about society. A highly structured system of human group for big-scale neighborhood residing that normally furnishes safety, continuity, security, and a national id for its members: American society.society meaning

A company has different definitions primarily based on the country it is situated in. In the UK: An organization is a physique corporate or an integrated business group registered underneath the companies act. 1590s, “one who shares the same room,” from Center French camarade (16c.), from Spanish camarada “chamber mate,” originally “chamberful,” from Latin camera (see digital camera ). In Spanish, a collective noun referring to 1’s firm.society meaning