Define Order

A society is a bunch of people involved in persistent social interaction, or a big social group sharing the identical geographical or social territory, typically subject to the identical political authority and dominant cultural expectations. ▪ an association of individuals for mutual assist or the pursuit of a common goal. A fraternity (from Latin frater: “brother”; whence, “brotherhood”) or fraternal group is an organization, society, membership or fraternal order traditionally of males associated collectively for numerous spiritual or secular aims.

Word Origin late Center English: from Old French confraternite, from medieval Latin confraternitas, from confrater (see confrère). The definition of civilization refers to a society or group of people or the method of attaining the next state of social development.society meaning

The totality of individuals regarded as forming a community of interdependent people: working for the good thing about society. Fraternities and sororities, or Greek letter organizations (GLOs) (collectively referred to as ” Greek life “), are social organizations at faculties and universities.society meaning

Word Origin early 18th century: from French, earlier denoting an affiliation of tenants, based mostly on Middle Low German kote ‘cote’. Phrase Origin Center English: through Old French from Latin natio(n-), from nat- ‘born’, from the verb nasci. Guild definition, an organization of persons with related pursuits, objectives, and many others., especially one shaped for mutual help or protection.

In some countries, e.g. the United States, France, and Latin America, the time period “society’ is used in commerce to denote a partnership between traders or the start of a enterprise Within the United Kingdom , partnerships usually are not referred to as societies, but co-operatives or mutuals are often often called societies (similar to pleasant societies and building societies ).society meaning

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