Define Club

A society, or a human society, is a gaggle of people involved with one another by persistent relations, or a large social grouping sharing the identical geographical or social territory, topic to the identical political authority and dominant cultural expectations. Confraternity definition, a lay brotherhood devoted to some function, particularly to non secular or charitable service. Word Origin early seventeenth century: from French sodalité or Latin sodalitas, from sodalis ‘comrade’. Word Origin Previous Englishbodig, of unknown origin.

Word Origin late Middle English: from Old French comunete, bolstered by its supply, Latin communitas, from communis (see common). 1590s, “one who shares the identical room,” from Middle French camarade (16c.), from Spanish camarada “chamber mate,” originally “chamberful,” from Latin camera (see digital camera ). In Spanish, a collective noun referring to at least one’s company.society definition

A membership is an association of individuals united by a common interest or objective. A. The totality of individuals regarded as forming a group of interdependent individuals: working for the advantage of society. 5. an organized group of individuals related for some particular function or on account of some widespread curiosity: a realized society.society definition

A: A social establishment is outlined as a collection of people banded collectively in pursuit of a typical objective. four. a extremely structured system of human group for big-scale neighborhood living that usually furnishes protection, continuity, security, and a nationwide identity for its members: American society.

Phrase Origin late 16th century (denoting an inhabited place): from late Latin populatio(n-), from the verb populare, from populus ‘people’. Society (countable and uncountable, plural societies) (countable) A protracted-standing group of individuals sharing cultural features akin to language, costume, norms of habits and artistic varieties.society definition