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All international locations still want applications to help those who are aging in a traditional sense; but there may be additionally a rising want for more flexible policies to assist older employees reap the advantages of longer, extra productive lives. Increasing the official retirement age – one of the most widespread policy responses to the “getting older society” problem – doesn’t advance these other goals. And for those not benefiting from longer, healthier lives, it quantities to a merciless, retrograde intervention. The growing older effect centers on all the negatives related to the “demographic time bomb” narrative.

Turkish civil society teams—notably these in opposition to the prevailing political currents in Turkey—will want ongoing assist from both inside and outside the nation to survive the current repressive setting. For Turkish establishments and individuals devoted to encouraging civic activism, navigating political and legal minefields could be difficult. For outside donors, notably the European Union and the United States, support for Turkish civil society teams can convey advantages and dangers, and might too often be used as political leverage in bilateral relations. As talked about firstly of the report, external assist to Turkish civil society must be performed transparently and in keeping with the normative framework justifying such help and the laws of Turkey. Through dozens of interviews with civil society practitioners and educational experts from a broad vary of backgrounds in preparation for this report, several consensus themes emerged concerning civil society in Turkey.

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CSOs with ties to Turkey can and will lead this effort, doubtlessly sidestepping the thornier issue of U.S. government involvement. The EU’s concerted, long-term effort to develop and strengthen Turkish civil society has been important to the sector’s progress, and the wider EU accession course of has been crucial to the overall enchancment—till lately—of the surroundings for civic actors and political freedom writ massive. Turkish CSOs could use assist strengthening their capacity to gather and analyze data, which can enable each evidence-based activities and elevated transparency. For donors working in Turkey, in the meantime, coordination remains an space for improvement.

If persons are leading longer, more productive lives, they can make a bigger lifetime economic contribution than members of past generations ever might. For the previous two centuries, governments have approached demographic points with the idea that calendar years are an goal indicator of age. But with a fast increase in lifespans over the previous few decades, age just isn’t what it used to be, and until public policy displays that fact, the dividends of longevity may be squandered.