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Four Beloved Cartoon Characters Who Actually Suffer From Mental Disorders

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Squidward Community College Dating Gam

(voiced by Mr. Lawrence) is a green fish who wears a purple shirt, although he has appeared with different colour schemes. He performs a heightened position within the episode “Chocolate with Nuts,” during which he goes absolutely ballistic and chases SpongeBob and Patrick after they try and sell him chocolate bars at his doorstep, when he really just wanted to purchase it all. is a fish who enjoys surfing and is often seen at Goo Lagoon.

His name is revealed in each “Have You Seen This Snail?” ...

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Spongebob Squarepants Creator Stephen Hillenburg Died Today At 57; Death Cause Attributed To His Battle With Als

In earlier episodes, she solely appears as hallucinations tormenting Squidward, but later seems in particular person in “Krusty Towers”. She lives in a moai like Squidward, however with a curly hair-like construction on its roof and earring-like balls hanging from the perimeters.

All of stated attempts have failed, Not even suing Mr. Krabs or utilizing technology will work too. usually ending with Mr. Krabs throwing him again to the Chum Bucket or snatching the bottle out of his hands...

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Whispers ‘Gay’ To Many Men

On Pearl’s fifteenth birthday, Mr. Krabs handed out paper clips as celebration favors. She turns sixteen in “Whale of a Birthday” and has presumably stayed that age since. Major features of Pearl’s personality from when SpongeBob was first pitched to Nickelodeon had been her large brain, intelligence, and insecurity about liking stereotypically nerdy hobbies. These were outlined on her original character biography, however they were largely phased out after some time.

Pearl and SpongeBob are sho...

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Squidward Tentacles From ‘Spongebob’ Is An Octopus

Although they are still acquainted with one another within the episode, Plankton is alleged to have a concern of whales like Pearl since they eat plankton. Plankton’s concern is definitely irrational and misguided, since baleen whales eat microorganisms, not toothed sperm whales like Pearl. Sperm whales do, however, eat cephalopods like Squidward.

In “Tunnel of Glove,” Patrick accidentally places Pearl and SpongeBob in grave hazard...

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